Balance Boards

Balance Boards

Balance boards are among the best cross-training products on the market

RollerBone Handstand
The ability to maintain balance is a much underestimated physical skill, which is used unconsciously and in large numbers every day. Balance boards are therefore among the best cross-training products on the market. Using balance boards is fun and helps the user improve balance, coordination and body control. Furthermore, it improves leg strength, flexibility and body fitness as well as achieving personal training goals. That's why balance boards are exceptional training tools for all sports where agility with balance coordination is required. 

The learning curve for most beginners is approximately 5-15 minutes to master the equipment. Balance is a requirement for numerous sports such as surfers, kiters, wakeboarders, skaters, slackliners, snowboarders, skiers, ice skaters, climbers, gymnasts to train their sense of balance and constantly improve their performance.

RollerBone Balance BoardDue to stress, daily work and too little exercise, people lose more and more their balance. This generally needs to be regained and trained more. With very simple exercises and the Balance Board from RollerBone you can very easily regain your balance and body fitness. On unstable and wobbly surfaces, the entire body must react to the changing movements in order to remain in balance. This activates all muscle groups and muscle fibers and specifically trains the deep muscles.

The Balance Boards are particularly well suited for prevention and therapy within physiotherapy, because almost all muscle groups are gently addressed and trained.

From numerous different RollerBone Balance Boards, Balance Rollers and all accessories, you can put together your individual Balance Board and give free rein to your creativity when training.

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