Which wakeboard for which occasion?

In order to have a good time on the wake, it’s important to choose the right board. When selecting a wakeboard, it’s all about whether you want to be pulled primarily behind a boat or a cable. There is a distinct difference between the two boards or a hybrid of the two. Hybrid wakeboards have the advantage of performing well with a boat or cable, which means that they have a wide range when it comes to application, it just requires a certain amount of skill. The correct length of the wakeboard depends on body weight and ability/skill of the rider. There are 3 types of rocker lines on wakeboards, which Wakeboardingsignificantly change the behaviour of the board:

Continuous Rocker:
fast as well as forgiving, and offers a lot of control. It is especially suitable for beginners or for those who’ve taken a bit of a break from wakeboarding.

3 Stage Rocker:
3 Stage Rocker: slightly more aggressive (more pop) and less forgiving, especially behind a boat.

Hybrid- or Progressiv- 5 Stage Rocker
a mixed form board combines the best of the continuous and stage 3. Excellent on a cable system or behind a boat.

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