Our kayaks are lightweight, extremely robust as well as portable. These features make them ideal for recreational paddling, touring or longer adventure trips. But with such a wide range of kayaks, the right choice should be carefully considered, and after all, the kayak should also fit your lifestyle.

  • 1 person kayak: Capacity for 1 person. Best suited for recreational paddling with little equipment.
  • 2 person kayak: Capacity for 1-2 persons. Well suited for longer distances, 2 recreational paddlers or for 1 paddler with more equipment.
  • 3 person kayak: Capacity for 1-3 persons. Well suited for longer distances for up to 3 paddlers, or 2 paddlers who have enough space for equipment.

Very easy to transport compared to fixed hull kayaks, space-saving to store and easy and comfortable to inflate are only a few advantages of our products!



Our kayak model Hybris is available in 3 different sizes and is made of high quality materials. Hybris has a classic kayak shape with a 3-chamber safety system. The bottom is made of Tarpaulin - a very smooth material that allows for a more resistance-free glide. It is more maneuverable and faster and can be inflated very quickly.



Spinera Hybris 320, 320 x 90 cm - inflatable kayak

Spinera Hybris 410, 410 x 90 cm - inflatable kayak

Spinera Hybris 500, 5000 x 90 cm - inflatable kayak

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