What type of water ski is suitable for me?

WasserskiCombination Pair

In the sport of water skiing, you can choose between combination skis and slalom skis. Combination pairs, as the name implies, consists of two skis, which is ideally suited for beginners and returnees. The bindings are adjustable in size and can be easily removed from the foot in the case of a fall. The wider the ski, the easier it is to take off and tow, even behind a lightweight motorboat. Combination skis are usually made of a PVC construction and slightly concave on the bottom for greater stability on the water.

Slalom Ski

WasserskiSlalom skis are, in comparison to combination skis, much thinner. They are available in different lengths, the correct length being in direct correlation to the body weight of the rider and desired speed capabilities. The undersides of slalom skis are partially or fully concave with bevelled edges for excellent stability on the water. Because of this, you are able to reach higher speeds with this type of ski.

The bindings consist of a fixed footbed, which fits precisely with the boot shell allowing for more direct and better traction. Slalom skis with a lower price point are made from a PVC construction, and those with a higher quality and higher price point are general made of carbon and tend to be lighter, more resistant, and with more revving power.

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