RollerBone Shabby 1.0 Kork Roller Classic Set

RollerBone Shabby 1.0 Kork Roller Classic Set

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RollerBone Shabby 1.0 Kork Roller Classic Set

In stock
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RollerBone - passion for balance


- The RollerBone is a fitness and fun training device and a must have for any enthusiastic board, leasure and hobby athlete! Indoor and outdoor.

- THE perfect cross training board to improve your balance and coordination as well as strengthen your muscles.

- Kork Roller: Cork is one of the environmentally sustainable and healthy materials. Cork is natural, renewable and recyclable, biodegradable and 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. Cork also has natural antibacterial properties.

- The cork roller reacts in a sportive but controlled manner and offers a perfect grip on almost any floor.

- The Kork Roller is also perfect for fascia rolling.

“Qualtiy seal – Movement & Innovation from the Institute for Movement Education and Motion Research”

Board dimensions approx. L 74 cm x W 41.5 cm x H 3 cm
Material: 9 ply maple wood
Dimensions: Kork Roller approx. 45cm/Roler- diameter approx.13cm

Scope of delivery:
RollerBone: Shabby Sanded Board
RollerBone: Kork Roller Classic


Balance trainer belongs to the best cross training products on the market.

The RollerBone is a great training tool where ultimate fun with agility, coordination and balance are interconnected with each other. It is suitable for all ages and skill levels and can be used indoor and outdoor well as.

Ideal for all sportsmen as a supplemented training device, where mobility and coordination is required. It is perfect for surfer, kiter, wake boarder , skater, snowboarder, skier, skater, climber and many more . The training on RollerBone is never boring.

It is much more than just a training device, you can do so many various tricks .The more advanced among you can do ollies , spins , shuvits , grabs , air drops ... and much more.

Numerous studies have shown that repeated exercises, helps you to keep your body fit and has a preventive effect in relation to injuries of the muscles, and sharpens as well your senses.

The RollerBone is particularly well suited for use in prevention and therapy within physiotherapy because almost all muscle groups are gently addressed and trained.

It is also possible to add dumbbells / weight bars, which combine strength and balance training in the best possible way.

RollerBone has realized the Shabby Board in collaboration with the Hamburg artist Flemming Peter, whose label Shabby Surf Art has become a household name in the surfing scene in recent years.

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