Aqua Marina BlueDrive X PRO Water Propulsion Device - Double Battery

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Aqua Marina BlueDrive X PRO Water Propulsion Device - Double Battery

Introducing the new BLUEDRIVE X, our most innovative underwater propulsion system. 
Highly intelligent and equipped for a multitude of adventures, this all-in-one kit opens the doors to endless possibility in the water. 
Created for water lovers who want it all. The BLUEDRIVE X is ready to be your SUP, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, diving and more companion. 
Reach speeds of up to 7km/h in water with its 3-speed adjustment. 
Available in two versions, the 97.68Wh BLUEDRIVE X or 195.36Wh BLUEDRIVE X PRO with the PRO offering up to 2 hours of battery life!
You name your water activity and the BLUEDRIVE X PRO is ready for action.

Nose Illuminating System:
Light up 2 meters or more for better visibility. Features a 10m depth rating and overheating protection.

High-Performance Propeller: 
Innovative motor for a maximum of 6.5kg forward propulsion. 

3-speed Adjustment:
Taking you from 3km/h to 7km/h with ease and safety.

High-Efficiency Battery:
Advanced high density battery allows for greater power capacity and extended runtime. Features a magnetic fast-charge system. 

Smart Control System:
>Handheld Wireless Control with trigger for extra safe speed switching
>Wristwatch Type Remote for easy access and adjustments

User-Friendly Dashboard:
Quickly stay informed of your current speed and remaining battery life for both the BLUEDRIVE X PRO and remote.

Easily switch from overwater and underwater usage conditions

Compact Design:
Compact and easy to install and unmount for separate storage

POV Camera Mount:
Capture all your adventures for easy sharing

Compact carry bag for easy mobility

Blue Drive X Pro - Specs:
>Performance: 195.36 Wh
>Speed: 3-5-7 km/h
>Size: Tube: L516 x 104 mm; Handheld: L516 x W367 x H170 mm
>Weight: Tube: 3.4 kg (with battery); Handheld: 3.8 kg (with battery)
>Battery Runtime: up to 100 minutes

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