Please apply here for your warranty claim:

1. Contact Information

2. Problem description

3. Product

if available

Item Description / possibly Size

common near the warnings or the valve location

4. Invoice details

Invoice Number of the original purchase

5. Customer details

to find on delivery notes or invoices from

please provide your direct Telefon details

Hier können Sie Ihre interne Referenz hinterlegen

6. Required attachments to handle the case

please add a Pic/Scan of your invoice to the attachements

please add 2-3 pictures to show the conditions of the product in total. f.e. front, backside, sideview ...

please add 1-2 pictures to describe the claim itself best way. On inflatables you may also upload a vew seconds of a video taken by your mobil.

if there is a serial nr. on the product a picture is required

Max file size: 50 Mb