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Please note the guarantee, warranty conditions and deadlines in your complaint application. 

Time limits for warranty:

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The warranty is - unless the manufacturer specifically states otherwise –

up to 12 months from the date of purchase: wakeboards, skis. Note for boards: if the board has already been used on a slide, kicker, or steger the manufacturer´s warranty expires automatically.

The following items may be returned within 6 months: Fashion, Neoprene, Bindings, Wakeskates, Tubes and Bananas, Bags, Finns, Leashes and Dumbbells ...

The date of purchase must be proven with the customer's original invoice. The warranty expires if the customer has changed the delivered goods or they were improperly mounted

Exclusion from warranty:

  • Fading or distress through use
  • Wear and tear of parts such as overlays
  • Damage due to external stress/trauma, such as Sliders, kickers, bars
  • Defects due to commercial use, e.g. rental use

Incidentally, our General Terms and Conditions apply, which you can see here.  


Time limits for guarantee:

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We take great pride in the high quality standards of our products. Occasionally a product may have a manufacturing defect. Generally, the warranty is valid for 24 months from delivery. However, please note that after 6 months, the burden of proof is on the buyer.


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