Rollerbone Reflexology Classic Set

Rollerbone Reflexology Classic Set

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Rollerbone Reflexology Classic Set

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RollerBone Reflexology Classic Set

Exercises with the Reflexology Board increase your balance and coordinate the strength and coordination of the muscles. The instability requires numerous muscle groups as well as the deep muscles.
The body with its organs is reflected on our feet again. The stimulation of the foot reflex zones improves the blood circulation and the self-healing powers can be stimulated. With regular use pain can be alleviated and a holistic well-being strengthened.

Use of the Reflexology Board alone:

-Put the board onto a rug, exercise mat or the RollerBone Carpet so it does not slip.

Start the training with changing appearance about 5 minutes / day. This can e.g. even while brushing your teeth or watching TV. The soft pimples optimally promote balance, coordination and foot reflexes.

- One-legged balance exercises specifically strengthen the leg muscles.

Also under the desk, it is ideal for a soothing and concentration-enhancing foot reflexology massage
Using the Reflexology Board with Softpad or Roller

-All exercises in our RollerBone exercise booklet can of course also be done with the Reflexology Board. The Reflexology Board increases the level of difficulty and goes even deeper into the deep muscles.

Look forward to a beneficial foot reflex zone stimulation, which stimulates the entire body, which can promote health and bring more balance into your life!

- High end roll with foam cover for maximum safety and control of the board on the roll.

"Seal of Quality - Moving Innovation from the Institute for Movement Education and Movement Research"

RollerBone: Reflexology Board
RollerBone: Classic Roller
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